Hello, 2018 skincare,

Where 10 step routines aren’t ever enough and most of the ingredients you used last year are no longer safe. We spend countless hours researching ingredients, testing products and doing trial and error to determine how to keep our skin youthful, all while keeping it healthy and safe!

Here’s some exciting news for you; Supervos is here to save you some time by delivering you useful, factual knowledge and healthy, toxin-free ingredients to benefit your internal health and the health of your skin.

Where does healthy skin start? The same place every other organ in our body starts, at the root of a healthy diet. Our skin is a visible indication of what is going on inside our bodies.

Acneic skin, dehydrated skin, skin that suffers from free radical damage, prematurely aged skin and especially stressed skin are all indicators of improper gut health, lack of proper nutrition and incorporating the wrong diet into our daily lives.

The health of our digestive system affects everything from our mood to our sleep and our skin. The large intestines reflect the skin, so an over-congested digestive system will present itself as congested skin which includes clogged pores and cystic acne. Even the best topical products out there won’t be able to help if the real issues are an inside job.

An adaptogen is a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes

Certain specific ingredients that Supervos uses such as Sea Buckthorn, Vitamin A and Black Currant are vital to the health of our skin.

Sea Buckthorn is filled with essential fatty acids, over 60 antioxidants and a vast amount of minerals and vitamins. It promotes skin hydration, elasticity, and skin regeneration, and even helps treat and prevent acne. It has also been known to help with chronic inflammation in the skin.

Vitamin A is necessary for proper cell growth. Taking this internally is very beneficial for those who suffer from acneic skin. Though to receive full vitamin A benefits, finding the right topical Retinoid cream is extremely important.

Black Currant is filled with essential fatty acids that help to repair the cells of the skin from the inside out. It’s an extremely potent antioxidant that does wonders for dry and damaged skin. Black Currant will help to soften and replenish your skin cells, relieving your skin of the symptoms of aging.

As an esthetician, I always try to stress the importance of your health in relevance to your skin. But treating the skin the right way topically is extremely important as well.

Establishing the proper morning and evening routine will help to treat the skin externally while your supplements and diet will treat it internally.

Here’s my recommendation for the proper morning routine (cleansers, serums, and moisturizers differ based on specific skin types)

Always start off with a gentle cleanser. We don’t want to over strip the skin in the morning. Our skin thrives off of the good oils we produce overnight, so gently eliminating the topical oil which may be an overproduction is necessary.

Toning is then important to help make sure the skin is properly cleansed as well as to help rebalance the skins pH levels. Toners are especially important for acneic skin and dehydrated skin!

Next should be a great vitamin C serum. This is your daily antioxidant that helps protect the skin against free radical damage, premature aging, and inflammation.

Follow this with a hydrating eye cream, moisturizer, and at least a 30 mineral-based SPF!

Now for the evening routine, it becomes a bit more complicated and tedious!

I always recommend a double cleanse. You want to make sure all of your makeup is removed before cleansing the skin. Starting off with an oil based or jelly cleanser to loosen up the makeup will allow a deeper cleanse to follow. Now cleanse the skin with the right ingredients for your specific skin type. I also recommend exfoliating the skin 1-3 times a week in the evenings. There are two types of exfoliants - physical and chemical. Physical exfoliants are the sand like textures that are beneficial for extremely dry skin, but you have to be cautious because they are not beneficial for every skin type! Chemical exfoliants, which are my favorite, include AHA and BHA acids. These eat away dead skin cells, kill acne-causing bacteria and promote the proper cell turnover. Always tone the skin following a cleanse. Next, I suggest a night serum. Something that includes vitamin A to help fight premature aging, promote cell turnover and fight acne. Last but not least, a hydrating eye cream and moisturizer to seal it all in!

Take care of your body, and your body will take care of you.

Written By: Olivia Kormushoff 

Learn more about Olivia and follow her for tips and natural skin care information @oliviagraceskincare

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