Ask The ESTHETICIAN - Winter Skin Care

Season Change!

A change of season requires a change of skincare products and treatments!

Winter skin is often dull and dry, so proper exfoliation and major hydration is a necessity.

Don’t be afraid to exfoliate in the winter. Avoid the scrubs, which can over dry and irritate your skin, and look into AHA’s and BHA’s to remove dead skin cells which will allow your other products to penetrate deeper.

Introduce Hyaluronic Acid into your routine! It’s a powerful humectant (moisture-binding molecule) that keeps your skin insanely hydrated from the inside out!

Find yourself a heavier cream based moisturizer if you get very dry during the winter! If you’re more acne prone, pair your hyaluronic acid under your oil-free moisturizer to keep in your hydration without overdoing it.

Don’t be afraid to add in a good face oil during the evenings for an additional boost of hydration!

To be honest, lately, I’ve been loving the Egyptian Magic cream. Starts as a cream and turns into an oil with body heat! It’s lightweight, non-pore clogging and helps to protect and heal your skin while locking in hydration!

Keep up with your monthly facials to properly remove dead skin cell build up. Fall/Winter is the perfect time to invest in chemical peels and microneedling to reduce any damage that was caused by the summer sun!

Use your Humidifier! By keeping moisture in your air during the winter months, your skin will stay healthy and hydrated!

It’s best to use this as you sleep since your skin heals itself the most during your REM hours.

Which also means proper sleep is important! Supervos Sleep Blend helps to promote deep sleep, alleviate stress and tension and balances adrenals, giving you your best, natural sleep yet!

Last but not least, SPF is still required every day! The sun will always find you during rain and snow!

Happy Holidays!

Written By: Olivia Kormushoff 

Learn more about Olivia and follow her for tips and natural skin care information @oliviagraceskincare


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